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Libero Ferrero: Committed to the design and construction of high-quality products, handmade in the USA. Each piece is crafted from Chicago’s own custom-tanned Horween leather and Holland & Sherry wool.

Founded by the three Lafferty brothers, and named to honor their grandfather, Libero Ferrero is a refreshing addition to the accessory world. 

This weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Matt, one of the founders, while viewing their current collection at Apartment Number 9 on 1804 N. Damen. What a kind fellow and truly beautiful products. While I found each piece to be wonderfully executed, I absolutely adored the physician inspired, yet thoroughly modernized, Thompson. It’s timeless form, rich full-grain leather, fine attention to detail, sleek practicality…the bag exudes a modest confidence and handsome charm. Simply put, I am smitten. Part of me cannot help but wonder where in this city hides Thompson’s male counterpart. Hey, a girl can dream. 

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